Stable Rock Solutions Announces Acquisition of Rosenberg Chesnov CPA’s, Expanding Its Footprint in  Accounting Services for Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

New York, August 22, 2023 – Stable Rock Solutions LLC (“Stable Rock”), a leading next-generation outsourcing  platform providing end to end back-office services to non-investment companies, proudly announces the  successful acquisition of Rosenberg Chesnov CPA’s LLP (“Rosenberg Chesnov”), a full-service accounting and  advisory firm. This strategic acquisition brings together two industry leaders to create a formidable force in  delivering comprehensive financial solutions and innovative services to small and mid-sized commercial  businesses.

The combination with Rosenberg Chesnov marks a significant milestone for Stable Rock. It further strengthens  Stable Rock’s commitment to helping small and mid-sized enterprises scale and grow, while reinforcing its  position as a trusted strategic partner for businesses seeking to optimize their financial processes while  enhancing operational efficiency.

Rosenberg Chesnov, known for its excellence in accounting and financial advisory services since 1975, has built a  reputation for providing customized business, financial, owner advocacy, and advisory services to startups and  private enterprises. This strategic alignment empowers Rosenberg Chesnov to fast-track its longstanding vision of expanding its capabilities. By joining forces with Stable Rock, Rosenberg Chesnov will now leverage the  platform's solutions set, enhanced resources, and expertise to scale its offerings and meet the growing demands  of clients in an ever-evolving business landscape.

"Today marks a transformative moment for Stable Rock as we announce the acquisition of Rosenberg Chesnov,"  said Greg Farrington, Co-Founder of Stable Rock. "Rosenberg Chesnov’s client base of over 400 U.S. and  international commercial businesses in technology, business services, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and  other facets of commerce fits well with the vision for Stable Rock and its future growth." Stable Rock's unique  approach to outsourcing encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including accounting and finance,  payroll, human resources, technology, tax advisory, and reporting. By incorporating Rosenberg Chesnov onto the  platform, Stable Rock can now offer a wider array of services to meet the diverse needs of businesses through its  offices located in New York City and Westchester county. 

"We are excited about joining forces with Stable Rock," said Jody H. Chesnov, Managing Partner at Rosenberg  Chesnov. "For our clients, the only change is that we can now offer an expanded range of essential services to  fortify their infrastructure, in addition to our core accounting and advisory offerings. Additionally, this  development brings an exciting growth prospect for our team, alongside the creation of internal programs aimed  at enriching the professional and personal lives of our employees. Together, we remain dedicated to delivering  excellence and pioneering solutions for both early-stage and mid-market commercial enterprises and their  stakeholders.”

“The two organizations combined have decades of experience and expertise to deliver an unparalleled level of  accounting and financial support to small and mid-sized commercial businesses. Together, we are better equipped to help our clients thrive and achieve sustainable growth. We are committed to our clients who can  expect a seamless transition as we work closely together to ensure a smooth and successful integration,” said  Boris Onefater, Co-Founder of Stable Rock. Stable Rock and Rosenberg Chesnov are committed to an unwavering focus on delivering high quality service to our clients.

About Stable Rock: Stable Rock is a next-generation outsourcing platform dedicated to empowering small and  mid-sized businesses with comprehensive financial and operational support. Through its industry defining  approach, leading technologies, and expert team, Stable Rock is committed to deliver tailored solutions that  enable businesses, outside of investment management, to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and focus on  their core competencies. For more information, visit

About Rosenberg Chesnov: Rosenberg Chesnov is a full-service accounting firm renowned for its exceptional  accounting and financial advisory services. With a client-centric approach and a wealth of industry expertise,  Rosenberg Chesnov has been assisting businesses of all sizes in navigating complex financial challenges and  achieving their goals. For more information, visit

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